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RAT offers complete engine rebuilds -

Stock or Full Race!

1. Send RAT your engine for a complete rebuild.

2. RAT can rebuild your stock engine, or turn it into a high-performance race engine.

3. When RAT rebuilds your engine, we replate your cylinder with durable high-quality nickel, rebuild the crankshaft, if needed, and install new bearings, gaskets, seals, and O-rings.

4. RAT offers multiple options for more horsepower -

• RAT can modify your cylinder head by machining the compression dome for more power.
When machining the head, we will re-CC the head for your choice of pump or race gas.

RAT offers Big Bore Kits for almost every current dirt bike on the track.

• RAT will match the ports for more low-end power and better throttle response.

• RAT can port your cylinder for major increases in horsepower.

• RAT can blueprint your engine cases and match the engine cases to your cylinder for increased fuel flow.
Increased fuel flow equals increased horsepower.

• RAT can bore & stroke your engine for an ultimate race engine.

5. RAT carries 100's of pistons in stock. Let us know what you need.

6. RAT carries parts for all your racing needs, i.e., pipes, chains, sprockets, tires, handlebars, and much more. If you need it, we have it for you.

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